Rates and booking

 The price listed below covers all costs for boat and consumables (food, fruits, drinks, snacks and fuel). Our talented chef make you tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks.  
The price per person differs depending on the size of the crew.
Price PER PERSON (all incl.) on a trip with total
2 persons: 165 USD per day
3 persons: 125 USD per day
4 persons: 100 USD per day
5 persons: 85 USD per day
6 persons: 75 USD per day
7 persons: 70 USD per day
Costs for scuba diving is an additional 25 USD per dive.
You pay 30% after booking and the rest when you arrive. 
You can inquire and book by sending us an email to: info@costsharesail.com or use our contact form.